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4:00pm, Monday 10 May 2004

This weekend was National Mills Weekend so we went mill-hunting and visited Willingham windmill, Bourn mill and Hinxton watermill.

Our trip to Willingham was a bit of a disaster. The windmill was appallingly signposted (just two sheets of A4 on posts at the end of the road!) and when we finally found it, Joshua tripped over and bit his tongue before we'd been in the mill 10 minutes. So we abandoned that one and came home for lunch.

Bourn mill was much more interesting. It's a post mill, so the whole body of the mill rotates. One of the guides demonstrated this while we were inside, and the creaking of 120 tons of mill turning on a single post was quite scary!

Yummy windmill cakes, too...

Hinxton watermill had all the machinery running (though not actually milling). Given the recent rain, there was plenty of water in the river, and the whole mill building was vibrating. The turbine is amazingly small considering the amount of power that was being produced.

Apparently this event happens every year. There are other mills nearby which we might try to visit next year.

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