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12:33pm, Tuesday 28 March 2006

Hello, world! (And Mark, and Lisa, and Rachel, and anyone else who's just (re-)discovered me via LiveJournal.) Have a duck.

Last week I was in Durham, which is hilly, with a couple of colleagures for the UKUUG spring conference. There are quite a few pubs there:

  • The Shakespeare - small, friendly, the back room down a winding corridor had a draughts board but only one draughts piece which made for a rather short game.
  • The Elephant - not a pub, but all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for 7.99. Recommended.
  • The Fighting Cocks - was disrecommended by someone who went to university in Durham as being rough and usually having a police van parked outside. So naturally we had to go in - and we were the only people there...
  • The New Inn - loud, studenty, big TV screen with football, no nice beer.
  • The City - nice beer (well, Bombardier at least).
  • The Three Tuns - actually a hotel, where the conference dinner was held. There was a free bar but only one barman. Oops!

And in other news, I've just discovered how to make my office phone send all incoming calls straight to voicemail. Quiet, innit?

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