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1:47pm, Monday 24 February 2003

or, "why I'm not a professional musician after two weekends making recordings".

Last weekend, Gina and I made some recordings of Tudor dance music for a friend who works in London. We set up mics in the living room, took several takes at each track, then I loaded the tracks into the PC to tidy up and hack around. That took most of the weekend, and for a living room recording, the quality's not bad.

We spent most of this Sunday just gone at Wild Goose Studios putting some tracks together for Mary and Anahata. Being a real studio, the quality will be much higher (and I won't have to do the editing!) but that's in exchange for the difficulty of playing against existing tracks.

Two CDs in two weeks. Fame at last? I shouldn't think so. Both recordings were fun, but so tiring, I think I'll give it a rest for a while.

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