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1:00pm, Wednesday 12 March 2003

If I were going to try to cheat my way to 1,000,000 then I would choose a more subtle method than to have my accomplice coughing like a maniac.

I'd need to take into account that I might be searched before or after the programme (that probably rules out pagers/mobile phones for communication). I might be able to get more than one accomplice into the studio; with more than one, they could take it in turns to give signals, to draw less attention to themselves. I'd avoid the obvious method of reading the answers and waiting for a signal after the correct one; and in particular, the accomplice shouldn't signal more than once on each question. Some sort of back-signalling would be helpful, e.g. my accomplice(s) would only help if I scratched my head; or might signal a wrong answer if I touched my nose.

The accomplice's signal might be a cough, or a sneeze; or if the accomplice was in line-of-sight it could be a visual signal, say touching nose or ear.

How subtle a scheme would I need to concoct? Anyone fancy a try?

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