Topic: General How to build a pyramid


10:21pm, Monday 17 October 2005

Take several handfuls of sand, about 100ml of PVA glue, some cling film, a baking tray and a piece of cardboard. Oh, and two excitable children.

Mix the glue with the sand. Cover the baking tray with cling film and spread the sandy goo onto it, aiming for about 20cm by 12cm by 1cm. Mark out a 10x6 grid using (say) a ruler. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. (What do you do with the excitable children in that time? Goodness knows.)

When the goo bricks are dry, break them apart (lift the cling film to avoid the bricks breaking as you separate them). Daub some glue on a piece of cardboard, lay out 5x5 bricks, add glue, then 4x4 bricks, then glue, 3x3, more glue, 2x2, yet more glue, and the crowning brick. Be grateful that you made too many bricks because you broke some on the way, but don't eat the spares.

Wait even longer for the glue to dry... sphinxes are optional.

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