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10:53pm, Wednesday 18 January 2006

If you've read any of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" books you'll be familiar with the concept of a "daemon": a being in animal form which permanently accompanies a person throughout their life.

Ever wondered what yours might be? I did. Take this quiz and find out.

Mine's apparently a cat:

What Is Your Daemon?

CAT - your daemon may be a cat if you are independent and comfort loving. You follow your heart and do what you want to do - no matter what others think. You have a strong sense of your own worth, and an inner dignity. You may be loving and generous in one moment, and then lash out at someone in the next. You have as many moods as there are colours in a rainbow, and you wear them all brilliantly. You always know what you want right now - although in five minutes you may change your mind and set your sights elsewhere. You like to do things with style and flair. When someone else orders you to do something, do you feel an unholy urge to do exactly the opposite? That just might be your inner daemon talking.
Take this quiz!

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Gina's is a mouse. (Yum!)

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