Topic: General Four ceilidhs and a funeral


5:58pm, Wednesday 1 March 2006

My weekend was eaten by IVFDF.

Four ceilidhs?

  1. Didn't get to the Stömp ceilidh because I'd been running up and down scaffolding towers helping to hang drapes.
  2. Played (with Fendragon) for the display ceilidh.
  3. Completely missed the Boka Halat ceilidh, apart from playing for the Molly display.
  4. Saw and danced bits of the survivors' ceilidh.
Not to mention the French dance workshop and music session (hi Nick!), the percussive dance workshop (hi Dan!) and the Welsh dance workshop (hi Dennis!). What a hectic weekend.

The funeral, on Monday, was that of Dr Moore, my director of studies at Trinity Hall. It's strange how you sometimes wonder more about people after they're dead. For instance, he had research collaborations around the world, from America to Japan, a full teaching timetable, and a busy home life. Yet, when I once asked him for permission to do something weird and wonderful with the college network, he said without any trace of irony, "I don't know how you find time to do all this." RIP.

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