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4:15pm, Tuesday 22 April 2008

The last one of these was a while ago...

"PG" means the text is available from Project Gutenberg.

Envisioning Information
Right Ho, Jeeves (PG)
The History of Mr Polly (PG)
The Stolen Bacillus (PG)
The Baroque Cycle 1 - Quicksilver
The Baroque Cycle 2 - The Confusion
The Baroque Cycle 3 - The System of the World
Set aside a while for those three. Great fun, but the epic scale meant that I almost needed a cribsheet to follow the plot.
Harry Potter 7
Use of Weapons
I enjoyed that. What Iain M Banks should I read next?
Space Merchants
Starship Troopers
Lady of Mazes
This Amazon review sums it up pretty well: "an artificial world is peopled by humans who have some sort of software filters which control what they experience. Hence it is possible to have two populations existing in the same place but experiencing different realities." Yow!
Twisty Little Passages
A bit heavy going, to start with at least, but a fascinating angle on interactive fiction as a development of the riddle.
How to build a time machine
Take one wormhole...
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony: And Why You Should Care
All musicians who play non-fixed-tone instruments should read this. Actually, the rest should too. It's given me new ideas on tuning my violin.
Arcadia at Versailles: Noble Amateur Musicians and Their Musettes and Hurdy-gurdies at the French Court. c1660-1789 - A Visual Study
Amazing the things you can find in the University Library!

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