Topic: Film Reviews Review: "The Red Violin"


12:29pm, Monday 21 October 2002

The story of a violin across the continents and centuries.

Before I watched this film, I thought it would be arty and maybe even pretentious. Afterwards, I was hooked. The story uses a neat device, to follow a musical instrument rather than a particular character, and this is reflected in some of the camera techniques as well as the storyline. Some of the transitions between the violin's owners are missing in detail, which is slightly annoying and made me wonder if I'd missed a scene. For example, how did the violin come to be in the monastery?

The plot revelations through the film are presented at just the rate rate - quickly enough to keep the momentum up, and slowly enough to give you time to think ahead to where the story might go next. And there's a nice twist at the end. Recommended.

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