Topic: Computers Oops

3:32pm, Friday 7 July 2006

embarraRSSment: the emotion felt when you diddle with the code that generates your RSS feed and belatedly realise that the change you've made will likely spam anyone following your feed. (Sorry.)

Topic: Computers Podcatching

12:48pm, Friday 7 July 2006

Podcatcher: a computer program used to automatically download podcasts. I've taught DRE to download mp3 enclosures in RSS feeds, so I guess that promotes it from aggregator to podcatcher. Share and enjoy!

Topic: General Banks

4:16pm, Monday 3 July 2006

Bank: As part of your mortgage application, we need to verify your wife's identity.
Me: (thinks: but we've had a joint current account with you for nearly eight years!) OK, but we'd rather not send passports etc through the post.
Bank: OK, just take it into a branch and they'll make a certified copy.


Branch staff: I'm sorry, we don't make identity document copies to take away, you should have brought the entire application form in so we could have sent it with the copy.
Me: Er, it doesn't say that on the letter I was sent.
Branch staff: Oh, and we won't make a copy of your wife's passport for you anyway - she'll need to bring it in.
Me: It doesn't say that either. (thinks: bunch of muppets)
Bank: *shrug*
Me: *fume*

Topic: General Word of the day

10:54am, Tuesday 20 June 2006

stotious: drunk, intoxicated.

Topic: General Miaow

12:39pm, Monday 12 June 2006

Hypoallergenic cats. What will they think of next?

Last time I looked around for allergy-free moggies, all I found was the Sphynx, which is frankly not the most attractive breed of cat.


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