Topic: Website Coloured bubbles

12:16pm, Friday 18 November 2005

These guys really must, must, must get these coloured bubbles on the market for Christmas... they'd be mad not to. I'd buy a boxful, and I know plenty of other people who would. All they'd need is "a factory that could keep the formula secret and crank out a million units in six weeks".

Topic: Website Tourette's syndrome gene

12:46pm, Monday 17 October 2005

Science magazine reports that a gene has been identified which may cause Tourette's syndrome when it mutates. Through the magic of technology you can see the structure of the DNA with the click of a mouse. Apparently the mutation causes cells to grow shorter dendrites (nerve impluse receivers) which makes immediate sense for the nervous tics and twitches experienced by Tourette's sufferers. It's a bit of a leap to the involuntary shouting of obscenities which is the popular image of Tourette's, though.

Topic: Website Unidentified vegetable alert

11:05am, Wednesday 28 September 2005

Gina and I signed up to an organic box scheme and the first delivery arrived yesterday. Mmmm! [more...]

Topic: Website What I did on my holidays

10:57am, Wednesday 17 August 2005

I made the local paper!

Topic: Website Boom

9:04am, Monday 1 August 2005

Bang goes the neigbourhood. (Sorry, bad taste, I know.)


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