Topic: Music One for the shopping list

10:09am, Monday 17 January 2005

Matthis Loiber presents pictures and sound clips of him playing a lira organizzata ("organized hurdy-gurdy"). The sound is quite unique, and the instrument is very flexible in terms of the combination of sounds. For example, when you stop turning the crank the pipes continue sounding for up to 20 seconds, which is a great way to change voices and demarcate repeated phrases.

Apparently there is an instrument like this in the Victoria and Albert museum in London. I'll have to take a trip to see it.

Topic: Music Going public

3:32pm, Friday 23 April 2004

Friday 30th April is the date for your diary if you like a good dance! The Unicorn ceilidh season continues at Hitchin Town Hall with caller Sheena Masson and Fendragon. [more...]

Topic: Music Musical censorship

9:41am, Monday 8 March 2004

It's depressing that TV producers choose to save money rather than portray people entertaining themselves by singing. [more...]

Topic: Music Sting on HG

10:42am, Thursday 4 March 2004 (Updated 11:39pm, Friday 5 March 2004)

Apparently Sting played a hurdy-gurdy at the Academy Awards... anyone got a picture?

Update: I've found a picture... can't say much for Sting's technique!

Topic: Music An ill wind

11:57am, Thursday 4 March 2004

So Gina passed her grade 1 French Horn exam (yay). Thanks to Thomas for reminding us of the appropriate Flanders and Swann song!


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