Topic: Computers Grumble of the day

3:23pm, Wednesday 28 March 2007

RSS feeds which are actually Atom. I know, I should write use an Atom-capable feed aggregator; but I wouldn't buy a tin of beans expecting to find cheese inside.

(, I'm looking at you!)

Topic: General Power

1:51pm, Wednesday 14 March 2007

A co-worker lent me a plug-in power meter and I spent an evening measuring stuff...

CD player/amp7W/15VA15W/22VA
tape player3W/7VA5W/7VA
MD recorder7W/11VA10W/11VA
Freeview box5W/14VA6W/14VA
DVD player7W/14VA15W/29VA
100Mbit switch 5W/11VA
WY-60 terminal 25W/44VA
Sun Sparcstation LX 37W/63VA
N.I.C. 41W/70VA
14" CRT monitor 60W/100VA
17" TFT monitor2W/7VA39W/66VA
PC: Athlon 1.5GHz4W/11VA110W/170VA
electric "tube" heater 220W/220VA

I was slightly surprised to see that the TV/hi-fi/etc in the living room consume 34W in total when they're not actually doing anything.

Topic: Website Amusing review

2:36pm, Thursday 8 March 2007

"But let's face it, you can't go wrong when your albums feature the hurdy gurdy."

I haven't heard the albums in question yet...

Topic: Computers Dear HP, I love you

11:04am, Monday 5 March 2007

I have a nice HP keyboard at work. Its best feature is the removable numeric keypad, which I promptly removed and lost, leaving me with a sensibly-sized keyboard. I wanted another one the same for at home. Tricky; it seems HP only made them for a short time. I found one on Ebay and bought it. When it arrived I was surprised to find it was a different layout to the keyboard I already have (UK vs US; \ ` ~ and other symbols are in different places, and there's no # key). But it's the same model and part number as the keyboard I already have! Dear HP, please investigate the concept of unique part numbers.

Topic: Computers What a commute

4:21pm, Friday 2 March 2007

my_map_of_the_internet.jpg Based on xkcd's map of the Internet... here's where I am. What a commute! (eyas is my Bytemark mail/web/DNS server.)


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