Topic: Computers Using EoC with Gradwell

11:49am, Tuesday 28 October 2003

How to manage a mailing list using EoC with a Gradwell developer account. [more...]

Topic: Computers Making movies

3:54pm, Tuesday 16 September 2003

A recipe for confusion, headaches, and making AVI files from a DVD. [more...]

Topic: Computers The end of the free Internet?

9:13am, Thursday 4 September 2003

Seen in demon.service:

From: (Malcolm Muir)

Indeed there is much
conversation around that suggests August saw the end of the free
Internet and end user restrictions may be here to stay :(

("free" here means free from enforced HTTP proxies, SMTP smarthosts, ICMP blocks, etc)

Topic: Computers A patch for evilwm

11:08am, Wednesday 23 July 2003 (Updated 11:48am, Thursday 14 August 2003)

This patch fixes SourceForge bug 752063: evilwm sometimes won't respond to alt-tab.

(Grrr. I fixed this on May 14th and emailed the author. No reply. Grrr.)

Update: The author has incorporated my patch. Yay! [more...]

Topic: Computers A small Z-code program

9:53am, Friday 11 July 2003

Amazing. A 64-byte Z-code program (i.e. no larger than the Z-code file header!) which is also a Befunge-93 program. It prints "hi world". More details (including how it works) are here.


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