Topic: General If in doubt, upgrade

9:17pm, Thursday 13 January 2005

Our new Freeview box was playing up - freezing, losing the image, losing various channels. So I went to look for a software upgrade. I was moderately surprised to find that having bought the thing only a month or so ago, with software version 1.7 installed, the latest release was version 2.8. Only a few minor changes there, then...! Got it downloaded, rebooted the box, and voila - everything's working perfectly. If in doubt, upgrade.

Topic: General Green fingers

9:12pm, Thursday 13 January 2005

So far, the new arrivals (a "magic bean", an amaryllis and a poinsettia) are surviving quite nicely. Thank you James, the bean really does appear to be magic. :-)

Topic: General Astonishingly bad joke of the day

9:50am, Thursday 16 December 2004

Q: How many Freudians does it take to change a light-bulb?
A: Two: one to fit the bulb, one to hold the penis. Sorry! I mean ladder!

(Thank you, Jeremy.)

Topic: General Discrimination

11:11am, Monday 29 November 2004

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 looks to be a welcome answer to the lack of legal rights for same-sex partners. But why limit the partnerships to same-sex? It seems peculiar to discriminate in a piece of legislation which looks to remove discrimination from the current situation.

Topic: General "anti-rabbit"

5:27pm, Friday 19 November 2004

An email went round at work asking if anyone had any "anti-rabbit" going spare. Curiosity made me ask what on earth that was... the scientist obligingly replied: [more...]


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