Topic: General Kitchen completed

9:30pm, Friday 12 November 2004

The kitchen's ready for inhabitation again. Small matter of the door, window, floor and wall tiling, but that can wait...

Topic: General Typo of the week

11:42am, Wednesday 10 November 2004

Today at work I received a package addressed to:

Dave Holland
Sanger Centre
Human Gnome Campus

What are they trying to imply?

Topic: General Kitchen (day one)

11:19pm, Monday 8 November 2004

Currently we have no sink, lots of exposed pipework and wires, and some partly-assembled cupboards. I think this is the point where (a) we go out to buy microwave meals, and (b) hope that the fitters come back tomorrow... Photos here.

Topic: General You'll never guess...

10:22pm, Wednesday 3 November 2004 (Updated 4:19pm, Thursday 4 November 2004)

[kitchen heap]What's in our garage? A kitchen. (Looks good, doesn't it?)

Now all we need is someone to come and install it for us...


They're starting on Monday! Time to clear the kitchen!

Topic: General At the weekend

9:14pm, Tuesday 19 October 2004

Over the weekend we were down in Essex for a friend's wedding. On the way back, in between getting lost (all the roads are numbered A12something) we visited the hell on earth known as Lakeside Shopping Centre and the altogether different underground bunker at Kelvedon Hatch.

Strange how they both seemed to induce claustrophobia. :-) [more...]


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