Topic: General Thought for the day

10:08pm, Tuesday 8 January 2008

Arising from a conversation over breakfast about GPS:

Joshua: "I bet the Ninky Nonk doesn't have satnav."

Topic: General May I present...

10:59am, Thursday 3 January 2008

I'm pleased to report the safe arrival of Stuart John Holland at 00:25 this morning. 8 lbs 5 oz (that's "nearly too big" in other words), one slight hitch with the cord being wrapped round his neck twice, but otherwise all went smoothly. Discharged from hospital at 4am, at home now.

First batch of photos here!

Topic: General Seen elsewhere

11:05pm, Wednesday 14 November 2007

"I used to run my life with military precision, until my friends complained about me shooting them."

Topic: General Further Barclays irritation

10:22pm, Wednesday 24 October 2007

Dear Barclays,

setting a £1000/day payment limit on your online banking system might well limit your exposure to fraud. It's also going to limit the number of people who want to continue banking with you, when they find they can't pay a decent-sized batch of bills all on one day; or pay a typical credict card bill in a single payment. Fix it!

Topic: General Yellow Moon

2:32pm, Wednesday 10 October 2007

Gina has set up an account with Yellow Moon who sell gifts, toys, arts and crafts stuff, etc.

If you'd like to benefit Cambridgeshire Home Educating Families then please use source code: WCA00966 when you place an order. Thanks!


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