Topic: General Wishlist

9:46pm, Monday 17 September 2007

To whom it may concern:

I have updated my wishlist. (Ta!)

Topic: General Alton Towers and rain

10:25am, Wednesday 29 August 2007

Alton Towers is considering cloud seeding to control rain.

The cynic in me can see a business opportunity there. They can charge extra for tickets on guaranteed-sunny days...

Topic: General Peeve, unpeeved

8:36am, Wednesday 29 August 2007

I was going to write a bit about one of me pet peeves, which is people who use the word notice when they mean show: "That's a small detail, it won't notice."

Then I checked the OED and unexpectedly I found:

notice, v. 3. e. intr. To be seen, to be noticeable, to show.

What a surprise! And that usage dates from 1961. One of the quotations given is from "Only Fools and Horses" which certainly places it as contemporary usage rather than traditional.

Topic: General Things we've been growing

2:33pm, Thursday 28 June 2007

Pansies, wild flowers, jalapenos... dscf0004.jpg dscf0005.jpg dscf0003.jpg dscf0002.jpg

Er, and a baby: dscf0003.jpg

Topic: General Biscuits, take two

8:09pm, Tuesday 12 June 2007

Dalek cookies After the first disaster we tried again - with a proper Dalek cookie-cutter this time. Much better results! We haven't tried eating them yet...


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