Topic: General Biscuit disaster

7:45pm, Thursday 7 June 2007

biscuitsInspired by Dalek biscuits I got Gina to find me a biscuit recipe, but the mixture ended up too runny and they all blobbed into one, and then they stuck to the baking tray. Luckily the bits that I hacked off still tasted OK. What went wrong?

Topic: General Stress management

2:32pm, Wednesday 4 April 2007

(Seen in uk.rec.sheds, of all places...)

  1. Picture yourself near a stream.
  2. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air.
  3. No one but you knows your secret place.
  4. You are in total seclusion from the hectic place called "the World".
  5. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
  6. The water is crystal clear.
  7. You can easily make out the face of the person you're holding underwater.
  8. See, you're smiling already.
Topic: General Power

1:51pm, Wednesday 14 March 2007

A co-worker lent me a plug-in power meter and I spent an evening measuring stuff...

CD player/amp7W/15VA15W/22VA
tape player3W/7VA5W/7VA
MD recorder7W/11VA10W/11VA
Freeview box5W/14VA6W/14VA
DVD player7W/14VA15W/29VA
100Mbit switch 5W/11VA
WY-60 terminal 25W/44VA
Sun Sparcstation LX 37W/63VA
N.I.C. 41W/70VA
14" CRT monitor 60W/100VA
17" TFT monitor2W/7VA39W/66VA
PC: Athlon 1.5GHz4W/11VA110W/170VA
electric "tube" heater 220W/220VA

I was slightly surprised to see that the TV/hi-fi/etc in the living room consume 34W in total when they're not actually doing anything.

Topic: General How appropriate

8:47pm, Thursday 1 March 2007

The OED's word of the day is "leek". The "A Word A Day" word of the day is "omphaloskepsis". (Ahem.)

Topic: General Napping is good for you

10:53am, Wednesday 14 February 2007

The BBC reports on a Greek health study: "those who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death."

Excuse me, I'm just off for a snooze...


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