Topic: General Begone, elephant

10:30pm, Wednesday 10 January 2007

I have completed an elephant task. Letters of complaint have gone off to the Financial Ombudsman (about Woolwich/Barclays) and to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (about Ekins). I am feeling rather pleased with myself now!

Topic: General Automatic savings

11:01am, Tuesday 5 December 2006

This is a cute idea - to round up purchase prices and push the difference into a savings account. I'd probably get one to try.

Topic: General We've moved

12:02pm, Monday 13 November 2006 (Updated 9:40am, Tuesday 14 November 2006)

Bellow if you want the new address or phone number.

We're currently surrounded by cardboard boxes. Any guesses as to when we'll be unpacked?

I cycled to work this morning. It's 3.2 miles and it took me 25-30 minutes (I wasn't really timing it) which I think can be improved on...

Update: Yes, the obvious route is shorter (2.7 miles) but involves chancing it with the homicidal maniacs on the A505...

Topic: General We've bought a house

4:12pm, Thursday 2 November 2006

Some time ago we had an offer accepted on a house.

I've just heard that we've exchanged contracts - the house is ours!

(It shouldn't take 5 months to buy a house!)

Topic: General A pox on DOGs

10:02am, Thursday 2 November 2006

Dear BBC,

Please, please, get rid of the channel logo (I believe it's called a "DOG" - how appropriate) in drama programmes. It is amazingly irritating to try to watch a tense - or romantic - or exciting scene, and be repeatedly distracted by "BBC THREE BRAND NEW" or some similar inanity in the corner of the screen. I understand that BBC output requires branding - but surely this can be done in the opening, the title sequence, or the end credits? There's no need to shout the channel name continuously - every digital TV I've seen displays the channel name when switching to a new channel, and also usually with a "channel info" or "programme guide" button. Please, lose the annoying and unnecessary logos.

Thank you,
Dave Holland


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