Topic: General For the Doctor Who fans

11:11am, Friday 14 July 2006

An alternative ending to Doomsday... *snort*

Topic: General Banks

4:16pm, Monday 3 July 2006

Bank: As part of your mortgage application, we need to verify your wife's identity.
Me: (thinks: but we've had a joint current account with you for nearly eight years!) OK, but we'd rather not send passports etc through the post.
Bank: OK, just take it into a branch and they'll make a certified copy.


Branch staff: I'm sorry, we don't make identity document copies to take away, you should have brought the entire application form in so we could have sent it with the copy.
Me: Er, it doesn't say that on the letter I was sent.
Branch staff: Oh, and we won't make a copy of your wife's passport for you anyway - she'll need to bring it in.
Me: It doesn't say that either. (thinks: bunch of muppets)
Bank: *shrug*
Me: *fume*

Topic: General Word of the day

10:54am, Tuesday 20 June 2006

stotious: drunk, intoxicated.

Topic: General Miaow

12:39pm, Monday 12 June 2006

Hypoallergenic cats. What will they think of next?

Last time I looked around for allergy-free moggies, all I found was the Sphynx, which is frankly not the most attractive breed of cat.

Topic: General Jobs

3:33pm, Friday 9 June 2006

I futz with computers all day. One of my brothers gets given free hi-tech toys to play with. I occasionally wonder who has the better deal...


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