Topic: General House

3:18pm, Friday 9 June 2006

Our offer on the house we want to buy has been accepted.

Now the fun starts!

Topic: General Nice butt

9:44am, Sunday 7 May 2006

Dear Matthew and Sally,

I'm sorry it rained on your wedding day. It was all my fault. You see, I bought a new water butt yesterday and I thought to myself "I wonder how long it will take to fill this up?" Then it started raining...

PS. It's full now. And it's stopped raining.

Topic: General Potential madness

4:55pm, Tuesday 2 May 2006

Am I completely mad for considering spending £250,000 on a house with three pubs within spitting distance where the local authority licensing applications contain such gems as:

[a neighbour] reported that she had witnessed violent confrontations involving the Police outside her house and was frequently disturbed by screaming, shouting, swearing in the street and the windows in her house had been broken. She was also disturbed by the music from the pub on Friday evenings, which was clearly audible over the noise of her television set.
We were concerned to hear that the licensee had held at least one unlicensed event in the past year which had caused nuisance to nearby residents, which he admitted at the hearing was the case.

Tell me quick...

Topic: General Try again

1:21pm, Wednesday 29 March 2006

An advertisement board near where I work used to carry an advert for a pub, with the text "Luxery en-suite accommodation". (Doh.)

It was recently "corrected" to read "Luxury en-suit accommodation". (Doh again.)

I'm not sure whether it's more impressive that they managed to insert a mistake while fixing another; or that they managed to spell "accommodation" correctly both times.

Topic: General What's new?

12:33pm, Tuesday 28 March 2006

Hello, world! (And Mark, and Lisa, and Rachel, and anyone else who's just (re-)discovered me via LiveJournal.) Have a duck.

Last week I was in Durham, which is hilly, with a couple of colleagures for the UKUUG spring conference. There are quite a few pubs there:

  • The Shakespeare - small, friendly, the back room down a winding corridor had a draughts board but only one draughts piece which made for a rather short game.
  • The Elephant - not a pub, but all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for 7.99. Recommended.
  • The Fighting Cocks - was disrecommended by someone who went to university in Durham as being rough and usually having a police van parked outside. So naturally we had to go in - and we were the only people there...
  • The New Inn - loud, studenty, big TV screen with football, no nice beer.
  • The City - nice beer (well, Bombardier at least).
  • The Three Tuns - actually a hotel, where the conference dinner was held. There was a free bar but only one barman. Oops!

And in other news, I've just discovered how to make my office phone send all incoming calls straight to voicemail. Quiet, innit?


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