Topic: General Subtitles

10:58am, Thursday 9 March 2006

I was watching the TV news while eating my breakfast this morning. To avoid disturbing everyone else who was still asleep, I had the subtitles on. [more...]

Topic: General Four ceilidhs and a funeral

5:58pm, Wednesday 1 March 2006

My weekend was eaten by IVFDF. [more...]

Topic: General Lent

5:31pm, Wednesday 1 March 2006

I have not given up anything for Lent.

This is mostly because I thought Shrove Tuesday was next week...

Topic: General Bacula

2:08pm, Wednesday 1 March 2006

Bacula is a computer backup program.

It is also the plural of baculum, Latin for "little stick", which is the name for the bone which some mammals have in their penis.

I wonder if the people who named Bacula knew that?

Topic: General Fundamental law

11:29pm, Thursday 16 February 2006

There is a fundamental law: you don't get anything for nothing. Or, no pain, no gain. I have just mended my XLR-to-2x-jack adapter (for plugging my hurdy-gurdy into a mixing desk) after one of the jack plugs got broken, and I burned myself slightly in the process. This is about par for the course with me soldering, by the way. In a similar vein, last time I took the lid off my computer (to install a USB card) I cut my finger on the edge of the lid. Blood sacrifice?


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