Topic: General Chuff chuff chuff

2:42pm, Wednesday 21 December 2005

Driving along the Sawston bypass at lunchtime today, I was somewhat surprised to be overtaken by a steam engine pulling a passenger train. Turns out it was 45231 "The Sherwood Forester" on a day trip from London to Ely.

Topic: General Bang

5:47pm, Sunday 11 December 2005

I was woken at 6am this morning by a bump. I thought one of the kids had fallen out of bed... or we had a burglar... or a car had hit the house... or any number of other unlikely things. I never imagined I'd been woken by the noise of an explosion fifty miles away.

Topic: General Snow

11:41am, Friday 25 November 2005

It's snowing! Here comes winter.

Topic: General Philip Larkin

11:53am, Wednesday 23 November 2005

I think I have found something relevant.

At thirty-one, when some are rich
And others dead,
I, being neither, have a job instead
   ('At thirty-one')

Hmmm. Yes, I'd rather be rich instead!

Topic: General Bureaucracy, bah

11:18am, Wednesday 23 November 2005 (Updated 11:45am, Wednesday 23 November 2005)

If one wanted to find out about decisions on licensing applications, one might imagine that browsing a list of the local council's committees and finding Licensing Committee (2003 Act) would lead one to the information. But no. One must instead find the unadvertised Licensing (2003 Act) Sub-Committee. Bah.

Update: They've added a link! Credit where credit's due, that's a very fast response to my suggestion.


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