Topic: General Houses are doom

4:12pm, Monday 31 October 2005

Gina found a house that, while not ideal, would just about fit us (and all our tat) 'til we got a loft conversion or garden room sorted... and it would cut my commute from a bum-numbing 22 miles to a cycle-able 3 miles. We viewed it on Saturday. Today, it's been sold. :-( (And I'd even had the scary "yes sir, you can borrow an infeasible amount of money" conversation with the bank already.)

Topic: General How to build a pyramid

10:21pm, Monday 17 October 2005

Take several handfuls of sand, about 100ml of PVA glue, some cling film, a baking tray and a piece of cardboard. Oh, and two excitable children.

Topic: General Silly meme

10:44am, Friday 7 October 2005

  • Dave needs plywood
  • Dave needs some advice
  • Dave needs a vacation
  • Dave needs a kidney
  • Dave needs to work one of these into his live appearances
  • Dave needs to get back into form and get his hair cut
  • Dave needs to understand the seriousness of his position
Topic: General On blogs and commenting

11:19am, Tuesday 27 September 2005

Some weblogs let you add comments. This one doesn't. Why not? [more...]

Topic: General Peeve of the day

10:04am, Thursday 22 September 2005 (Updated 10:12am, Thursday 22 September 2005)

Users who complain "I'm getting lots of spam!" when they don't have the efficient and featureful system spam filter turned on.


The OED doesn't think featureful is a word: tough. It does, however, have feawterlocke which is a lovely word.


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