Topic: General Unexpected find of the day

9:01pm, Friday 16 September 2005

There's a castle in the middle of New York's Central Park.

Topic: General If I dig a very deep hole...

1:45pm, Friday 16 September 2005

...then I will come out somewhere very uninteresting, namely in deep water some way off the coast off New Zealand. (And not Bouvet Island which is what it said the first time - huh?) To hit land, I'd have to start digging in north-west Spain. How about you?

Topic: General Speedy ADSL

4:23pm, Thursday 15 September 2005 (Updated 7:15pm, Thursday 15 September 2005)

Nildram writes...

As part of our current Broadband speed increase programme, we are delighted to be able to inform you that your line has been successfully upgraded to 2Mbps!

...which is nice. I'll find out when I get home if they really mean it, or if that's just boilerplate.


Coo, they mean it:

Available Bandwidth                 Cells/s           Kbit/s 
  Downstream          :             5358             2272 
  Upstream            :              679              288 
Not bad for a free upgrade!
Topic: General Hurricane Katrina

12:22pm, Monday 5 September 2005

Found an impressive satellite picture of Hurricane Katrina on NOAA's web site. Like the caption says, you do not want to be underneath that.

Topic: General More lemurs

11:13am, Thursday 18 August 2005

The BBC reports that two new species of lemur have been discovered, making a new total of 49 species. How many more can there be?


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