Topic: Website Terror alert

2:58pm, Thursday 23 February 2006

Current terror alert level: [needs images]

Topic: Website Ow! My eyes!

9:48am, Thursday 16 February 2006

And ow! My brain!

(thanks to Megamole for pointing that out)

Topic: Website Where were you?

10:05pm, Saturday 11 February 2006

Oh, this is truly, startlingly amazing. It's a map of surname density. Going back a way, in 1881 Hollands are mainly found in and around Wigan and Nottingham. Fast forward to 1998 and Hollands have spread to a wide band across the entire country from Chester to King's Lynn and beyond, with an outpost in Devon and an unexpected bunch in Arran/Ayrshire. Fascinating! I'd love to see more data, going even further back.

Topic: Website Slashdotting

11:53am, Wednesday 18 January 2006

Work has been mentioned on Slashdot (again).

Yes, 22TB is relatively small fry, given that we have some 500TB of central disk storage to manage now...

Topic: Website Lego-shaped hard disks

9:22am, Wednesday 23 November 2005

Fantastic - LaCie are producing desktop hard disk enclosures shaped like Lego bricks. Sadly you still have to use a USB cable to connect them - it would be great if you could click them together and ta-da! Instant hard disk!


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