Topic: Website In-car entertainment

10:43am, Friday 18 June 2004

Having an MP3 player in your car is one thing. Implementing it by means of a Sun E450 in the boot is something altogether different.

Topic: Website Dave Holland is on a golf tour of Texas

11:21am, Thursday 3 June 2004

OK, Googlism has been around for ages. I only just got around to choosing my favourites from the results:

dave holland is the pinnacle of sinuous
dave holland is the guy who nabs me
dave holland is not only an ideal companion
dave holland is now to take over on the bike
dave holland is normally a musician of consummate skill in just about every department (shucks!)

Topic: Website The ghost of Usenet Postings Past

8:50am, Friday 21 May 2004

A truly ancient Dr Fun cartoon, but still very relevant... (no, I'm not looking for a job).

Topic: Website Geowiki

10:46am, Monday 26 April 2004

Some friends from college have combined the concepts of online map and shared editable data, and come up with Geowiki. Very neat.

Topic: Website Funky chicks

8:16am, Tuesday 13 April 2004

Whoah, funky multi-coloured chicks.

And in other news, over Easter I went to the zoo, the other zoo, did some cabling, and went to the farm.


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