Topic: Music Live on air

3:17pm, Thursday 12 July 2007

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 7:50am tomorrow - I'll be playing while the radio presenter is taught the Comberton Broom Dance.

I'm not sure whether dancing is suitable material for a radio show!

Topic: Music I'm on YouTube!

8:44am, Friday 25 May 2007

Well, the back of my head is. Fear my right-hand technique. (oo-er) This was at the hurdy-gurdy festival last month.

Topic: Music Musical thought

9:07am, Monday 16 October 2006

"If you know the names to all your tunes, you don't know enough tunes."

(seen in the sig of this message)

Topic: Music A plague on CD reissues

4:24pm, Tuesday 3 October 2006 (Updated 9:46am, Wednesday 4 October 2006)

I've just bought a CD second-hand from someone in the office upstairs, and I'm irritated to find that the track I particularly wanted from it is missing. I guess it's a reissue that's been butchered edited from the original track listing. OK, I only spent £1, but still... If anyone's got a copy of Sky volume 2 that does have the Rameau "Gavotte & Variations" then please please can I have a copy?

Update: A very kind gentleman (who I won't embarrass by naming) has let me have a copy of the missing track. Thank you!

Topic: Music Lesson report from Gina

9:34pm, Saturday 30 September 2006

Our intrepid recorder teacher reports from the first lesson of term:

"We worked through the lesson plan, missing out all the bits which used recorders."

What is it they say? Things can only get better?


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