Topic: Computers It's the little things

4:19pm, Wednesday 8 November 2006

What's the point of providing debug output if it doesn't contain useful information? This afternoon I have done:

#define DH3HACK 1
#ifdef DH3HACK
    struct sockaddr_in sin;
    socklen_t len = sizeof(sin);

    if (getpeername(fd, (struct sockaddr *) &sin, &len) == 0) {
      syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "accepted connection from %s", inet_ntoa(sin.sin_addr));
    } else {
      syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "accepted connection");
  syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "accepted connection");
and similar, because Cyrus says "ooh yes, new connection" without bothering to tell you where the data is coming from...
Topic: Computers Spam of the day

10:15am, Monday 9 October 2006

Junk body text:

Ugly as a mud fence. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.

Nice juxtaposition.

Topic: Computers NFS, how I love thee...

11:06am, Tuesday 26 September 2006

Let me count the ways... hint, it's not 16.

Topic: Computers Spam of the day

9:28am, Tuesday 22 August 2006

Subject: perceptible burp
OK, it amused me...
Topic: Computers resize2fs woe

9:26am, Friday 4 August 2006 (Updated 3:05pm, Friday 4 August 2006)

Aug 4 10:20:24 cachesrv1b kernel: EXT3-fs warning (device cciss/c0d0p1): ext3_group_add: No reserved GDT blocks, can't resize

Grr. And Google has nothing useful to suggest. The filesystem in question refuses to grow beyond 32GB, which is a slightly suspicious number. Anyone?

Update: I just tried to grow a different filesystem from 10GB to 20GB and it got stuck at 16GB. The plot thickens. /usr/src/linux/fs/ext3/resize.c, here I come...

Update 2: Right, it appears that ext2/3 filesystems can be resized on-the-fly up to the next multiple of 16GB. To go beyond that you need to unmount the filesystem... which is mildly tricky if it's the root filesystem. Bah!


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