Topic: Computers You know you're having a bad day when...

10:03am, Friday 21 October 2005 modify the Perl script that vets site-wide email messages, and end up spamming the entire campus with lumps of Perl the next time someone sends a message.

Topic: Computers All software sucks

12:10am, Saturday 15 October 2005

While reading my web server's error log (looking for something else) I happened to notice that my odmrd patch wasn't being downloaded properly; it was triggering CGI errors. It appears that being named the .pl made Apache think it was a Perl script, and it tried to run it. Unsuccessfully, obviously. Now fixed, by renaming the patch. Apologies to anyone who wanted to download it and couldn't (but it's only a trivial patch anyway :-)).

Topic: Computers Kwiki::EmailNotify

9:45pm, Friday 14 October 2005

I thought I'd mentioned this the other day, but apparently not... I took Alexander Goller's original code for Kwiki::EmailNotify and fixed it to work with Kwiki 0.38. Now Kwiki can send you an email when particular pages are modified. Get it here.

Topic: Computers Mozilla key bindings

3:57pm, Wednesday 5 October 2005

Bah, a Mozilla upgrade ate some of my key bindings. To save me having to figure it out again next time :-( here's the fix. [more...]

Topic: Computers Not quite as intended

10:37pm, Tuesday 4 October 2005

A disk array we are considering using at work apparently has an advanced crossbar architecture.

Why can't I read that without thinking of advanced crowbar architecture?


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