Topic: Computers OpenID again

2:38pm, Wednesday 21 September 2005

After much staring at manual pages, and cursing of Perl, I've put together a simple OpenID guestbook (source here). Comments welcome (literally).

Topic: Computers Jobs for another day

2:28pm, Wednesday 14 September 2005 (Updated 3:34pm, Wednesday 14 September 2005)

It would be nice to add OpenID support to Personal Weblog...

  1. I could then authenticate to see friends-locked posts on LiveJournal without having an LJ account myself (even a stub read-only account).
  2. It would be cool.


Ah, no need. Someone's already written the bit of glue that I need to join the pieces together. Experiments in LJ posting are in progress.

Topic: Computers Linux 2.6

2:59pm, Friday 26 August 2005

So this afternoon I upgraded eyas to a 2.6 kernel ( to be precise). Sorry to anyone who noticed the ~20 minutes downtime. The machine seems to be a bit more responsive with this kernel, and it's certainly using less swap so I'll stick with it for now.

Topic: Computers dre - an RSS-to-email aggregator

1:12pm, Tuesday 19 April 2005

I've been wanting an RSS-to-email program for a while. rss2email isn't bad, but bails out on quite a lot of problems. So I wrote dre - Dave's RSS-to-Email convertor. [more...]

Topic: Computers Unexpected error message

12:37pm, Thursday 31 March 2005

Number 1 in a series of... oh, too many:

dh3@acheron:~$ firefox 
System error?:: Success

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